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Edu Will Welcome Beckham To Rangers

The American international went head to head with the world most famous footballer during England former captain stint in the States with LA Galaxy and Edu admits Walter Smith men are excited about the prospect of taking the family name, as Beckham and Kaka at Ibrox on February 4.. MAURICE EDU has addressed David Beckham in MLS - now you can t wait to face him again when AC Milan arrive in Glasgow at the beginning of next month.
22.1.09 14:20

Britney Spears Song Banned

His latest single from Circus has been banned! Apparently, If you look for Amy naughty spells when they say something fast enough. Britney sings, All the boys and girls are to apply for charity If you Amy. Hey! N. So, Brit was inaugurated back in the studio to record If You See Amy Don t worry, we bet Brit not t even have it. Spelling CW! Radio stations have threatened to ban the song inappropriate considering that kids are already singing along with lyrics like let do l love in this club, my neck, my back lick my [expletive], and my crack. New public. Britney Spear 3. Old joke.
22.1.09 14:20

X Factor Quot Eoghan Seals Record Deal

Development is a great boost for the baby-faced crooner, who only last month wooed millions across the UK with his performance in the final for the first time in the series. The Dungiven teenager signed a contract with a major company as a result of recording his exploits on reality television, The X Factor. ULSTER singing Eoghan Quigg stellina has made its first step in the ultra-competitive music industry closing with a lucrative record deal.
22.1.09 14:19

In Photos Quot Lily Allen Goes Shopping In London Quot

Picture by: Gotcha Images / Splash News. Singer Lily Allen goes shopping for office furniture at the Conran shop in central London, before visiting Radio 2, then a magazine of the neighborhood and, finally, Radio 1. United Kingdom.
22.1.09 14:19

From Madonna To Mardi Gras

Click for a tremendous Bogart, Paul Oakenfold is a living legend on the DJ scene. Paul Oakenfold without doubt one of the best DJs in the world, is set to this years title Mardi Gras Party. Garrett Bithell speaks l man who has worked with everyone whos anyone, from Madonna of The Cure. He toured with U2 and Red Hot Chilli Pepper. His musical career spans nearly 30 years, and has remixed for the likes of The Rolling Stones Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and The Cure. It deliberately step in our demographic for a moment, it Madonnas DJ of choice, recently entered the Sticky Sweet around the world.
22.1.09 14:19

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